Comparing CalFresh Performance Metrics Across Consortia

In light of the scheduled transition from three consortia systems to a single system by 2023, the Alliance to Transform CalFresh has conducted a comparison of the C-IV, CalWIN, and LEADER systems across key performance indicators for CalFresh, through March 2016. Using the CalFresh Data Dashboard, we compared across consortia and over time for: overall participation metrics, dual enrollment, timeliness, churn, and error rates.


Our Finding: C-IV largely outperforms the other consortia. C-IV’s performance is notably higher within participation and dual enrollment. CalWIN outperforms the others for the average days to approve benefits, but scores the lowest in the largest number of categories (PRI, dual enrollment, and expedited service (ES) compliance). LEADER outperforms the others in ES compliance, but on average performs only as well as CalWIN. Given the scheduled transition from C-IV and LRS to CalACES and the subsequent transition to a unified SAWS system, it will be critical for CDSS to monitor performance to ensure that high performance is the target.


See full report here.

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