Data Visualization Tool: State-County

The CalFresh Data Visualization Tool was developed by Diana Jensen, Senior Policy and Data Analyst at SF Marin Food Bank. Using the most data from the CDSS CalFresh Data Dashboard and CalFresh Data Tables, Diana created an interactive tool for reviewing county-level CalFresh performance metrics. The first three tabs provides summaries of CalFresh participation, application processing outcomes and churn, including an analysis of the relative impact of changes in the number of applications received, the approval rate, and the churn rate. Additional tabs provide the option to compare these metrics across all counties, to filter the set of counties to a useful subset (e.g. by region, county size, or consortia), and to see how county comparisons vary over time.


This document is a great tool to use while beginning to engage with your County CalFresh staff in conversations about the County’s CalFresh participation. Explore the visualizations online, or download and open in Tableau Reader for better printing.