County Specific Data

The County Specific Data tool was developed by Diana Jensen, Senior Policy and Data Analyst at SF Marin Food Bank. Using the most up-to-date data from the CDSS CalFresh Data Dashboard, Diana created a three page report showing performance of one county over time, including comparisons to the performance of the state as a whole and the best-performing county of similar CalFresh caseload size. Trends and comparisons are included for Overall Participation, Timeliness, Dual Enrollment and Churn.



Link to County Specific Data Dashboards Here


How to Use County Specific Data Excel File
Step 1: Download and open CalFresh County Dashboard Excel file
Step 2: Enable Content at the top of the page
Step 3: Go to the “How To” worksheet at the bottom of the page to determine your county size
Step 4: Select county size worksheet: LrgCtyDashboard, MedCtyDashboard, SmCtyDashboard
Step 5: Click on county name at the top right corner of the page. A drop down will appear, select your county.

This document is a great tool to use while beginning to engage with your County CalFresh staff in conversations about the County’s CalFresh participation.