What What We Know About Likely-CalFresh-Eligible Medi-Cal Participants in California

The SF-Marin Food Bank’s report, Increasing CalFresh Participation Through Medi-Cal In-Reach: Data and Practical Strategies, analyzes the first round of data about likely-CalFresh-eligible Medi-Cal participants. It addresses the following questions:

  1. How does CDSS identify likely-CalFresh-eligible Medi-Cal participants?
  2. How strong is the relationship between dual enrollment success and CalFresh participation rates?
  3. What is a good target for dual enrollment rates?
  4. How does dual enrollment vary across the state?
  5. What are the demographics of unenrolled but likely-CalFresh-eligible Medi-Cal participants statewide and in the largest counties?
  6. How can counties and CDSS use demographic analysis of this population to strengthen in-reach efforts?
  7. How can counties use their local data to identify the most promising Medi-Cal participants for CalFresh in-reach?
  8. What strategies are other counties using to improve dual enrollment rates?

The report offers practical recommendations for both CDSS and for local counties in order to improve dual enrollment of likely-CalFresh-eligible Medi-Cal participants.