A Fresh Look: New CalFresh Data Tools

The Alliance to Transform Calfresh and the California Department of Social Services CalFresh Branch recently published a collaborative webinar to showcase new CalFresh data tools useful for both advocates and county CalFresh employees. The webinar covered the newest features of Diana Jensen’s CalFresh Data Visualization Tool, which is full of ways to think about and discuss Calfresh data. You can explore this new data visualization tool here. These robust tools, all sourced from CDSS public reports, is a timesaving reimagining of the data.

April Kellison, Governmental Program Analyst for CDSS, led the demonstration of several new data inquiries developed in partnership with California State University—Sacramento. Topics included: application outcomes, churn and discontinuances. April’s presentation illuminated her level of tool mastery and was a highlight of the webinar. Patrick Delaney, CDSS Research Services Bureau, reviewed the dual enrollment data tables and new data included as a part of the CalFresh Data Dashboard .

Overall, the CalFresh Data Tools webinar was a success and a great reminder that we have incredible people analyzing data in order to better understand the challenges within the CalFresh program. Please take some time to visit the links in the blog and explore the new data tools. Let us know what you think!