Most California families who receive health insurance through Medi-Cal are now also eligible to receive a debit card to purchase groceries through CalFresh — and vice-versa. With both health coverage and nutrition assistance, families with low incomes can have better health and greater opportunity.

The challenge is that while California has been the best state at signing up eligible families for health coverage, we’ve historically been the worst at signing up eligible families for CalFresh. That’s starting to change and, with your help, all California families can get the health and nutrition we all need to thrive.

True statewide connectedness requires horizontal integration of every safety net program, linking clients quickly to programs for which they are eligible. California must take advantage of the unique opportunity to connect CalFresh with the recently enacted Affordable Care Act (ACA), by leveraging new funds, technology, and processes to ensure dual participation in both health and nutrition by all qualified consumers.

Alliance Toolkit: OneStopHealthNutrition, to boost dual participation in CalFresh & Medi-Cal (June 2014)                                     OneStopHealthNutrition, to boost dual participation in CalFresh & Medi-Cal (June 2014)


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